"What is Child's Play Math?"

"With Math How You Start Determines How You Finish!"
It's Vital You Make Math An Exciting Adventure For Your Child From Kindergarten Right Through Elementary School And Beyond.

Play is absolutely foundational to Child's Play Maths - Children discover math is creative and fun. Concepts are acquired through play, games and open-ended challenges e.g. Number Bonds, Pre-Algebra, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Pattern, Sequences etc. Child's Play Math is designed to teach math concepts to children aged 5 to 11. Because they are introduced to math concepts through a creative medium (Cuisenaire rods) they already associate with enjoyment math will hold no fears for them. Instead they will encounter a rich world of pattern and relationship waiting to be explored. The program will become their guide to a world of self-discovery.


Create your own starship. . .



The Cuisenaire Rods Software App was created to simulate not replace the physical rods. The tactile nature of the rods cannot be replicated by software. The rods are also effective with children who have little or no sight as they become very proficient in recognising the rods by touch alone.
The software is however an
excellent teaching aid and is also another creative tool for children.
tutorial section of almost every video unit has been created using the software. The Video Tutorials follow the program outlined in the Child's Play Maths full color manual.

Embraces All the 'Learning Styles' - Child's Play Maths teaches universal math concepts in a way that is totally child-centered. Young children are predominantly Kinesthetic/Tactile learners and the program embraces all the 'learning styles'. The program is designed to reflect the way young children learn best. In their book "The Scientist in the Crib" Alison Gobnik, Ph.D, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Ph.D, and Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph. D, describe this capacity for learning:

"Walk upstairs, open the door gently, and look in the crib. What do you see? Most of us see a picture of innocence and helplessness, a clean slate. But, in fact, what we see in the crib is the greatest mind that has ever existed, the most powerful learning machine in the universe."

Tailored To Your Unique Child - Children learn at their own pace. They are never held back or pushed beyond their current ability level. Because of this children’s learning is invariably accelerated compared to children exposed to more traditional and formal methods. Children engaged with the program are frequently observed to enter what professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as the 'flow state' - where children are so totally absorbed in what they are doing they are oblivious to anything or anyone else - and not an X-Box in sight!!!


Supports Language DevelopmentThe program assists your child's language development. It teaches your child how to 'read' and 'write' simple to complex math sentences (algebraic equations) based on their own creations. It teaches them left to right orientation and also the most important function of language - the power to express ideas in written form and words.


The Power of Color – Children enjoy the visual impact of their creations that enable them to ‘see’ mathematical patterns and concepts. Because 90% of our information intake is visual this feature is very important. Edison and Einstein  were visual learners. Color, one of the key elements of the program and software, is a powerful aid to memory recall and classification. More use should be made of color in children's learning - think Mind Maps.


Incidental Learning – Much  information is unconsciously acquired  as we listen to T.V. advertisements etc. As children play with the rods they are unconsciously absorbing mathematical concepts (like number bonds to 10) and enjoying the experience immensely. That is why play is foundational to the program. At whatever age or level children are working they must be given free time to play.


Learn How To Learn - Child's Play Maths is far more than an an innovative math program. Because it is based on the latest research into how the the brain learns best it actually teaches thinking skills and helps your child learn how to learn.
Children will easily understand the concepts behind Pythagoras' Theorem from an early age because they are introduced naturally using a play-based hands on approach.


The Perfect Recovery Program - Older children and adults have used Child's Play Maths to acquire an understanding and love of math they never discovered the first time round. In the UK the program gained an accreditation from the Open College Network to be used as a recovery math program for adults. Many were amazed at the rich world of pattern and relationship that opened up for them and even angry that they had been kept in ignorance of the secret and beautiful universe of mathematics.



Banish 'Math Anxiety' - Math is the one subject that causes more stress in school and the home than any other. 'Math anxiety' is now a recognised condition. Even Carl Gustav Jung the renowned Swiss psychiatrist who founded Analytical Psychology was not immune:

"The teacher pretended that algebra was a perfectly natural affair, to be taken for granted, whereas I didn't even know what numbers were. Mathematics classes became sheer terror and torture to me. I was so intimidated by my incomprehension that I did not dare to ask any questions."

Tutorial Videos are available from SchoolhouseTeachers.com (members only) to support each Unit. There are over 60 videos in total arranged sequentially in a step by step approach. But such is the nature of the program that children will progress at their own rate via their own distinct route.

Struggling or Gifted Students will benefit from using the program because the nature of the practical activities challenge them to progress whatever their current ability or level of development.

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About Me - I am a retired primary head teacher from Wales UK with a passion for helping children learn. I was particularly concerned at the way so many struggled at math and determined I would find a better way for the children in my care. Child's Play Math is the fruit of years of practical research and is designed to complement the way children learn best. I have stood on the shoulders of educational giants like Cuisenaire, Gattegno and Goutard and sincerely believe this program represents the best way of introducing and teaching math to children and adults.

Child's Play Math Part One - Kindergarten through Grade 1

About Cuisenaire Rods; UNIT 2 Cuisenaire Rods & the School Curriculum; UNIT 3 Incidental Learning; UNIT 4 Vocabulary; UNIT 5 Important Words and Phrases; UNIT 6 Developing Memory Recall; UNIT 7 Mental Imaging Games; UNIT 8 Cardinal Number; UNIT 9 Staircases; UNIT 10 Staircases and Mental Agility; UNIT 11 Extended Staircases; UNIT 12 Staircases and Multiplication; UNIT 13 Language Development; UNIT 14 Introducing Signs +; UNIT 15 Signs < >; UNIT 16 Signs =; UNIT 17 Brackets; UNIT 18 Signs -; UNIT 19 Signs x; UNIT 20 Signs ÷; UNIT 21 Signs: Fractions as Operators; UNIT 22 Reviewing Where We’ve Been; UNIT 23 The Importance of Questions; UNIT 24 Families of Equivalent Addition; UNIT 25 Families of Equivalent Factors and Products; UNIT 26 Families of Equivalent Subtraction; UNIT 27 Families of Equivalent Fractions; UNIT 28 The First Phase: An Overview; UNIT 29 Getting Organized and Moving On;

Child's Play Math Part Two - Grade 1 through Grade 3

Beyond the Rods; UNIT 31 Studying Families; UNIT 32 Families of Partitions (Length); UNIT 33 Tables of Partition Without the Rods; UNIT 34 Time Out for Talk; UNIT 35 The Commutative Property of Addition; UNIT 36 Studying Families; UNIT 37 The ‘Grain of Rice’ Principle; UNIT 38 Free Expression; UNIT 39 Families of Equivalent Difference; UNIT 40 Extending the Challenge; UNIT 41 Families of Factors and Divisors; UNIT 42 Factor Families: The Commutative Property; UNIT 43 Factor Families: Consolidation; UNIT 44 Factor Families; UNIT 45 Numbers Have Names; UNIT 46 Families of Equivalent Fractions and Quotients; UNIT 47 Equivalent Fraction Families: Generating Staircases; UNIT 48 Reciprocal Fractions; UNIT 49 The Importance of Review; UNIT 50 Looking Forward; UNIT 51 Families of Equivalent Difference; UNIT 52 Families of Equivalent Fractions: >; UNIT 53 Families of Equivalent Fractions: <; UNIT 54 Families of Equivalent Fractions: Adam and Eve; UNIT 55 Families of Equivalent Fractions: Reproduction; UNIT 56 Families of Equivalent Addition; UNIT 57 Families of Equivalent Products; UNIT 58 Families of Equivalent Fractions; UNIT 59 Accelerated Learning; UNIT 60 Points Worth Remembering; UNIT 61 Introducing Number Names: Part 1; UNIT 62 Introducing Number Names: Part 2; UNIT 63 Introducing Number Names: Part 3


Sample Video Tutorials:
Unit 10: Staircases and Mental Agility             Unit 12:  Staircases and Multiplication            Unit 20: Introducing Signs - Division


What people are saying about Child's Play Maths:

Tara M. - This is  SOOOOO comprehensive. I have not gone through the whole book, but what I have viewed is superb.
January 10, 2016

Siohoua H. - Love this, Well done.
August 25, 2015

Eugenia B
. - I love this approach to teaching math with my special needs students. I've been using the rods for awhile now and it was great to see the "rod" math broken down into units.
May 12, 2014

Megan K
. -
Good resource.
February 4, 2015


Joanne G
. -
Great resource. Thank you!  
November 19, 2014

Chanda A.  - Great for center and small group instructions. Thanks!
August 2013

Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

This is a wonderful program for a visual learner. On the preschool level, it  gets the child ready for math by just providing play time with the rods, enabling the child to visualize sizes and comparable amounts - leading to addition.
The curriculum teaches vocabulary (letter names and color names for the rods} and refers to this as "algebra before arithmetic." If the child uses the rods and learns the concepts from the beginning, the program builds into addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebra etc.
I highly recommend this product and the ingenious approach to math.

Review written by Christine Hindle for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.
November 2010

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"Why am I doing this?"

Because I sincerely believe
Child's Play Maths is the best program available for introducing math to children.
You are just a decision away from opening the door for your child to an amazing world of pattern and relationship, that like Lucy, they never knew existed.

I am passionate about helping children learn the way that frees their
infinite learning potential.
If you are not happy with the program
for any reason just email me at phil@helpyourchildsucceed.com and I'll happily refund the cost via Pay Pal.
If you have any questions or comments I will respond ASAP.



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